Madison Payne


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Uh, well, actually, I figured since it wasn’t due till Monday- Please note that Einstein’s clock is in complete synchronization with my control watch. Uh, you mean nobody’s asked you? Alright, alright, okay McFly, get a grip on yourself. It’s all a dream. Just a very intense dream. Woh, hey, listen, you gotta help me. Marty you gotta come back with me.

No. Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind. Look, you gotta listen to me. Wow, ah Red, you look great. Everything looks great. 1:24, I still got time. Oh my god. No, no not again, c’mon, c’mon. Hey. Libyans. Shit.

Working. Well, now we gotta sneak this back into my laboratory, we’ve gotta get you home. Let me show you my plan for sending you home. Please excuse the crudity of this model, I didn’t have time to build it to scale or to paint it. Marty, don’t go this way. Strickland’s looking for you. If you’re caught it’ll be four tardies in a row. What’s a rerun?

I don’t worry. this is all wrong. I don’t know what it is but when I kiss you, it’s like kissing my brother. I guess that doesn’t make any sense, does it? Hey wait, wait a minute, who are you? Stella, another one of these damn kids jumped in front of my car. Come on out here, help me take him in the house. After I fell off my toilet, I drew this. That was so stupid, Grandpa hit him with the car. Perfect, just perfect.

It’s taken me almost thirty years and my entire family fortune to realize the vision of that day, my god has it been that long. Things have certainly changed around here. I remember when this was all farmland as far as the eye could see. Old man Peabody, owned all of this. He had this crazy idea about breeding pine trees. Uh no, not hard at all. So anyway, George, now Lorraine, she really likes you. She told me to tell you that she wants you to ask her to the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance. Whoa, whoa, kid, kid, stop, stop, stop, stop. Why do you keep following me around? Of course, from a group of Libyan Nationalists. They wanted me to build them a bomb, so I took their plutonium and in turn gave them a shiny bomb case full of used pinball machine parts.